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No pressure, it's just a short play podcast. 

we're here to celebrate the authenticity of life.

get out of my head!!!

WORLD PREMIERE: Get out of my head!!!  

- A woman examines her recent unusual behavior.

Written by Youlim Nam© 2021

Directed by Nicole Lehrman

Performed by Youlim Nam

Music 'Jasmine rice' by Nicole Lehrman 

Sound editing by Nicole Lehrman

Sound mastering by Soundscapers

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WORLD PREMIERE: Just a Yellow Cab in New York City  

- A young new yorker is having a 30th birthday moment in a yellow cab.

Written and directed by Youlim Nam© 2021

Performed by Nicole Lehrman as Regina, Ananth Padmasola as the cab driver

Music 'happy birthday to me' by Youlim Nam

Vocal by Nicole Lehrman

Sound editing by Youlim Nam

Cover photo by Youlim Nam

Cover photo coloring by Nicole Lehrman